GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight [2 Pack]Camping, outdoor activities or emergencies, a quality hand-held flashlight can make a difficult situation easier. Finding the right key, hiking at night or an emergency light source during a power-outage are just a few of the times when a flashlight comes in handy. Unlike the old style, new LED flashlights with rechargeable batteries are cost and energy efficient and provide an excellent light source no matter the activity.

Gearlight LED Tactical Flashlights are one of the top rated LED flashlights on the market. Located in the USA, GearLight specializes in providing quality, reliable, and highly affordable LED products. Every one of their lighting products has been designed and manufactured with great care and attention to detail.
This powerful and practical, general purpose GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight is a High Lumen, Zoomable and Water Resistant flashlight with 5 Light Modes. The tough, military-grade aluminum body makes it suitable for extreme conditions indoors or outdoors. You can count on it during storms, floods, power outages, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Portable and small, the GearLight LED Tactical Flashlights are convenient to pack in your bag, glove compartment, camping gear or survival kit. The flash and SOS functions are life savers when doing roadside repairs or signaling for help. Highly reliable and easy to use, it is the perfect flashlight to have while fishing, hiking, hunting, exploring, or even taking the kids out trick-or-treating.

  • ULTRA BRIGHT & LONG-LASTING – Easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away! 10 times brighter than old incandescent lights. Conveniently powered for hours with 3 AAA Rechargeable Batteries or a single rechargeable battery. (Batteries not included)
  • COMPACT, ADJUSTABLE FOCUS, & FIVE MODES – 5 Useful Settings (High|Medium|Low|Strobe|SOS) and wide-to-narrow beam zoom makes it ideal for use around the house, dog walking, or camping. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse allowing for easy storage and quick access.
  • WATER RESISTANT & VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE – Built for rough handling, this flashlight can survive a 10-foot drop or being temporary submerged under water. You can even freeze or run it over with a truck and it will still work! Suitable for use in rain, snow, or emergency situations.
  • Every genuine GearLight comes with a one-year no questions asked replacement warranty and friendly customer service provided by GearLight, a U.S.-based company.

This GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] package includes:

  • 2x GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlights
  • 2x AAA Battery Holders (Batteries are not Included)
  • 2x Battery Tubes
  • 2x Lanyards (Hand Straps)
  • 2x Holsters [Bonus Accessory]
  • 1x Operation Guide
  • 1x Warranty Card