Receive real benefits when you Claim Your RV Travel Guidebook Directory Listing! Claim Your Listing and be provided with full access to it’s administrative page where you can easily update all the information about your business. Keep your customers up-to-date with your latest information.

Follow these simple steps to Claim Your Directory Listing

1) Register – You must be a Registered User to claim your RV Travel Guidebook Directory Listing. To register, click on “My Account” in our main menu. Then click “Register” in the bottom right hand corner of the My Account box. Fill in all the information in the Register box and click create account. Follow the instructions given to complete the registration process. Once complete, log in to your account and proceed to Step 2.

2) Find your listing – There are a couple of ways to find your listing in our directory.

    • In the Search box on our front page, select the category your business fits in (RV Park, Restaurant, Store, etc). Enter the name of your business in the middle box, you can also enter the city where your business is located in the “Near” box (this is not required but will narrow the results). Click on the correct city when it appears and them press the search icon. Select your business on the results page. Don’t see your business on the results page? No problem, Add Your Business!
    • You can also find your business using our Location Manager. Click “Change Location” in our main menu. Click the word “Everywhere” and enter the name of the City where your business is located in the search box. Click on the correct result when it appears. On the cities page, look for your business in the appropriate category. Click on your business to be taken to it’s directory listing page. Don’t see your business on the city page? No problem, Add Your Business!

3) Claim your listing – Click on the red “Claim Me” button near the business name. This will activate a pop-up window where you can provide the initial information we need to start the claim process. Fill in all the boxes in the pop-up window and click Send. In a short time a verification email will be sent to the email address you used to register. Follow the instructions in that email to finish claiming your listing. Didn’t receive your verification email? First, check your Junk or Spam folder, it might be there. Still can’t find your verification email? Contact Us

Make sure to add to your email system’s address book to avoid your verification email or other correspondence from us being sent to your Spam or Junk folders. If you have not received your verification email within a short period of time, please check your Spam or Junk folders first. If you still can’t find your verification email… Contact Us

Don’t see a red “Claim Me” button in your listing? Contact Us and let us know which listing you would like to claim. We’d be happy to help you claim your listing!

After successfully completing the Claim process you’ll be provided with access to your listings administrative page where you’ll be able to update and expand your listing.

Can’t find your business in our directory?

Easily add your business to our directory by going to our Main Menu, placing your cursor over the category (RV Parks, Restaurants, Shop) and clicking on the “Add” link. Registered Users will be able to add their business to our directory, for Free, quickly and easily! You can also find links to Add your business in the footer of our site.

 What’s included in your RV Travel Guidebook Directory Listing?

  • Standard description – Tell your potential customers all about your business. A Free RV Travel Guidebook Directory Listing allows up to 500 words (3500 characters) to describe what you’re all about. We encourage you not to waste words describing attractions, restaurants or stores near your business. Use all your alloted description to help potential customers learn everything they need to know about your business! We’ll insert information about the attractions, restaurants, stores and other points of interest near you in your listings “Things to Do” or “Local Area” tab.
  • Select your business category – How would you categorize your business? Choose all that apply from the available options.
  • Enter your business email – Potential customers can contact you through our “Message this Business” system, protecting you from spam you may receive from publishing your email address.
  • Other important details – Next you’ll be able to provide other specific details to help potential customers better understand your business: Hours of Operation, Prices/Rates, Special Offers, Payment Methods, Links to your Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), a Link to your Website as well as other information specific to your business type. This type of information helps draw customers!
  • Upload Images – After you Claim Your Listing you’ll be able to upload up to 12 images of your business. You’ll also be able to select a Featured Image that will appear as the Banner image at the top of your listing.
  • Customer Comments and Ratings – Word of mouth is still a powerful motivator! Our visitors can post comments and rate your business. After claiming your listing you’ll be able to reply to the comments about your business. Your replies can go a long way when it comes building customer confidence and addressing customer issues.
  • Directory Cross Linking – RV Travel Guidebook will also link your listing to other non-competitor directory listings in our site. This makes it possible for your listing to be seen by our visitors looking at other listings in your local area. This kind of deep cross linking makes it possible for our visitors to know what businesses are available in the area they are traveling to, helping them to select and support you and other businesses in your local area. Cross linking businesses in your area makes creating itineraries fast and easy and offers your business the chance to be a pre-selected destination during their trip!

Claiming your RV Travel Guidebook Directory Listing is a great opportunity for your business considering you’ll be able to maintain and update your listing at will. Your listing has the potential to receive thousands of views from travelers who may have never known about you, and now, can plan to make you a part of their travels!